Corrupted file


I recently reset my PC, but I have a backup of my Bootstrap Studio design, so I try to open it, but I get this error "Can't open design - Sorry, this design has been corrupted. You can try restoring a working version from a backup.". I tried creating a new project and opened it using a text editor then I compared it to my old project. One (the new blank design) seems "compiled" or something while the other one is in plain text (looks like JSON). Any way I can "compile" the old project?

EDIT: Both projects were using the same Bootstrap Studio version.

Old Project:

Old project

New Project:

New one

This is something you need to contact support directly with. The users on the forums are not able to help with software or file issues.

Oh ok thanks !

I know the .bsdesign files are zipped. Maybe try zipping your old project file?