Couldn't export please choose a different folder

I’m getting the following error when trying to export a project “Couldn’t export please choose a different folder”.

Screenshot 2021-03-17 031940

Tried anther folder, tried restarting, no luck.
App version is 5.5.4.
Win 10

I am not having any issues in 5.5.4 exporting.

I’ve never seen this message in BSS before, but I’m sure the devs can explain under what conditions it would appear (ex. if disk or file is write-protected.)

I’ve seen this sort of message show up in Adobe Illustrator if I try to save a PDF file while it’s also open in Adobe Acrobat.

Something might be “using” the folder, disk, or device to which you’re trying to export at the same time you’re doing the export.

Have you tried just creating a brand new folder on your desktop and then exporting to it? Or maybe put a thumb drive in, and see if you can export to that?

I’d recommend contacting the BSS developers directly on this