"Crash" on trying to use fontawesome or ionicons

Hi, I am using Bootstrap Studio on Arch Linux x64 and whenever I try to put in components using fontawesome or select fontawesome when i change an icon, bootstrap studio turns black and i cant do anything anymore.

P.S You're doing an amazing job! Bootstrap Studio has increased my productivity greatly!

Sorry that you've run into this issue! I have seen reports for such crashes on Arch Linux previously; thanks for narrowing it down to use of icon fonts. Maybe it is due to the freetype library that Arch uses, as other Linux distributions run Bootstrap Studio without issues.

Arch is not a distro we support officially and I can't offer any further assistance on this. Hopefully when we upgrade our Electron version this will be resolved.

Thank you for your answer! It is not a big issue for me as I work on multiple computers with different operating systems. I just thought that I'd let you know. Keep up the good work! I really appreciate it!