Hi Martin, this one's for you.

With the new update (maybe irrelevant), I started a brand new BSD file. Haven't crashed in 48 hours.

So, I did email you a busted BSD file, hopefully you'll find a bug. I hope the file size isn't too large, it's a really big BSD project.

So far so good yet?!! That is awesome news Andrew! Let's hope it stays that way and enjoy it while you can!

Wow so far so good. Been days since it crashed now. Last update seems to have resolved my issue.

I've been working on the old one that kept crashing, and nope, she's all good. Weird. But what ever!

No crash in 48 hours, even on my old projects.

Looks like something got fixed! I changed nothing on my environment.

I did reboot, there may have been a windows update, actually. Cheers,