Creating a Multi-page website

I want to create a multi page website, with the following structure:

Main page

  1. Categories
  2. Products
  3. Product Items

The categories are about 20, the products about 30 and product Items around 40 for each categories Is this possible with BBS.

Also I want to save each of the products and products items in is own folder. The product Items also have about 20 to 40 Images.

Question now is what would be the best way to set it up.

Any help appreciated



I just started working on something similar actually. I have a client for a Winery that has X number of categories and X number of products in each category as well. There's a pretty slick Image Sorter (I'd have to look up what it's called again, but if you look up the word Sort in the Online Components you'll find it). I altered it to make it work with a horizontal menu that had accordion type dropdowns that allowed for multiple categories and sub-categories. It is a very nice flowing item that is just elegant on the page. Then I replaced the actual Images that it was categorizing, with image Links so that it will go to a product page when clicked. Works pretty slick if I don't say so myself and whoever added that to the Online Components, I can't thank them enough!

Anyways, check that out and see if maybe that will work for you as well? Might save you a lot of headaches with organizing your products as the component will actually do the organizing for you instead.

Yeah that rocks !