CSS auto complete [fixed in 5.0.3]


After updating to 5.0 my css style autocomplete is not working. Not sure if it is something that you turn on or off, but now when I start to type nothing is showing up. Can someone assist me please?


Try updating to 5.0.2.

They are aware of this issue and working on it from what I saw in another post. It's not fixed yet in 5.02, but should be soon. :)

Thank you Jo Elpea - sorry if I was not clear, but I guess I should have said I have the lastest verison. Thanks everyone

Must be an intermittent bug because CSS auto-completion works fine on my end on my Mac mini and MacBook Pro.

macOS 10.14.6 BStudio 5.0.2

Not sure @elpea, could be a OS version issue as I'm on 10.13.6