CSS Grid ?

Hello everyone,

Are you planning to implement CSS grid in BS studio ? I know that the name "bootstrap studio" contain Bootstrap, but it will be a good thing for the futur of the app.

Perhaps we can choose in design settings if we want to use BS or CSS Grid for a project.

Thanks in advance.

http://caniuse.com/#search=css%20grid While a lot of the most recent versions of the browsers support it, it is a CSS thing mainly so I could see they'll eventually support it since it's not really relevant to being Bootstrap or not.

Are they going to make a switch between supporting Bootstrap and Grid, doubt it. It's strictly Bootstrap framework first and foremost. Using Grid may require you to deconstruct the framework behavior or it just might play nicely. Don't really know since I haven't messed around (lightly) with Grid since MS introduced the initial version years ago.


Far as I know, it's the direct editing of HTML that isn't available. Direct editing of CMS is available and encouraged (autocomplete).

I don't know that BSS would have any problems with anyone implementing CSS Grid, as I don't expect there would any problems whatsoever.

If there were any problems, I am certain that the elite regulars would have fired off bug reports in this forum, and I see none so far.

I think we're good on using BSS Flexbox with CSS Grid in any viable combination.

Thank you for starting this thread! All properties that comprise the CSS Grid standard are supported in Bootstrap Studio. This means that you can drag/drop some divs, write some CSS and get a grid layout.

What we don't have, though, is visual tools for CSS grid. We try no to deviate too far from Bootstrap, but if CSS gains traction we can add support for it. It will be a separate thing from the Bootstrap grid with its own set of components.

Yes CSS Grid is a very powerful layout tool. I think a visual tool would be a great idea to market.

You can actually combine Bootstrap 4 and CSS Grid together which I believe make a great pair if one is trying to support new and older browsers along with IE.

Simply create (2) fallback rule tests and then load replacement html structure with jquery function if its a non-supporting CSS Grid browser.

Whats interesting is that the html structure for CSS Grid, which is basically a container with unlimited elements in it positioned anywhere on layers etc, can be reformatted to Bootstrap simply by adding in the rows and columns. Almost all the styles on the elements remain the same, occasionally adding a fallback style for adjustment. Of course for simple CSS Grid Flex fallback works great too.

My approach is to do the simple to medium layouts with Bootstrap and add in more complex CSS Grid sections where needed using the above technique.

Here is a simple example demo to test on different browsers. The body will have the class "fallback-loaded" if the browser fails the CSS Grid spec support test.


Hi, Support

There is a company that has fully integrated a visual CSS Grid editor into Site Designer. The product is really worthless because no Boostrap 3/4 components have been inserted as Foundation components that you can then reuse. Totally no possibility to edit the code in both HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, which means a huge restriction on freedom of CSS3 properties So much too expensive for what it actually offers. That is why I switched to Bootstrapstudio 4 where all possibilities are available and much better than Pingendo, which apparently is no longer updated https://https://www.coffeecup.com/designer/

With Kind regards

Ya Coffeecup products are great if you want to pay every time they decide to redo the app. They update an app for a while and then redo it completely and make you buy a new app. Their business setup used to be about making great software, not its all about how much money they can make off tons of different software that do the same thing. No thanks, been there, done that, this app is far above anything they have to offer.


Coffeecup Software is now sucks If you want to have things from you want new functions, they will find out everything they don't want in their Site Designer. They have been promising for 2 years that they would integrate all bootstrap & foundation components and furthermore that there would be a possibility to change your code. More css3 properties are also possible. That is the same with nicepage very bad product, too limited and above all no support

The best product is WYSIWYG Web Builder for Visual Design and for WP Elementor For Full control css3 properties is Bootstrap Studio is better then Pingendo (No support since 2018) and no updates

Kind regards Stephane

Yep I agree Stefke34, I used Coffeecup products loyally for a lot of years and then they decided to change their setup so that if you paid for a lifetime updated software, it was obsolete and they would just make a new software to take it's place. They promised updates for years, many years for lots of their software and never fulfilled those promises. I love Bootstrap Studio :)

I no longer use Coffeecup products, there are no major changes and the components are never built in where it will make the Site Designer more powerful. I only use "Bootstrapstudio" and "WYSIWYG Web Builder" Pingendo Premium is always dead products and never update or upgrade Kind regards

Have you examples of templates build in Bootstrapstudio

I don't really share my templates as 99% of them are for clients, sorry.

WYSIWYG Web Builder

A say this as a warning anyone thinking of spending money on this program, it's definitely the worst website builder I've ever come across. (And the guy who created the program is a total a-hole.) It uses this bizarre process of hiding/showing elements on the pages depending on the breakpoint, and it's support for things as simple as custom CSS is horrible.

The interface is sort of a throwback to an old version of Microsoft Office. Case-in-point... the fonts sizes are predetermined by the program, and are in POINTS, and cannot be changed to anything else (although the program itself converts the points to pixels in the actual HTML it produces.) For example, the font size menu is a drop-down where you can choose from things like 8, 10, 12, etc... up to sizes like 24, 28, 36, 48. But if you want to choose 40, you can't. And since it uses points instead of pixels (like pretty much every other web builder in existence) it's kind of a crapshoot to get the size you want unless you keep a chart handy, or have memorized that 12 points = 16px, 13 points = 18px, that sort of thing. I must have argued back and forth with the owner over a dozen emails trying to convince him of the wisdom of letting people choose what unit they wanted for their text (points, pixels, ems, rems, etc) but he would not budge. His justification was his large existing user base that never complained about points.

Basically every suggestion I made to him to try and modernize the program, or do things according to best practices fell on deaf ears. He strikes me as someone whose entire sense of self-esteem is tied up in this software, and he feel personally persecuted when anyone suggests there might be things wrong with it. I haven't touched the program since version 12 (I think it's up to 15 now) so who knows if he finally "saw the light" on anything we discussed, but it's basically an old-style, static site builder from the early 2000s that they guy has shoehorned responsiveness into, whilst giving the user only limited control over the actual code.

Avoid at all costs!