CSS hotlink

Hi there,

Would love my name on your apps Credits list... So here is my suggestion: When you select an element in the Overview pane and you want to jump quickly to its CSS you should be able to CTRL+Left Mouse Click on the CSS style in the element attributes and then depending on which CSS style you clicked you need to be taken to that exact CSS rule in your css file.

It take a lot of time scrolling up and down in a CSS file to locate a specific style.

You can thank me later - just do it (NIKE) :) LoL

Umm, unless I'm missing something about what you're asking ... that's what it already does :)

Just make sure you're on the Styles tab and not on a tab of any of the other CSS files and that's where the magic happens.

Anytime you click something in the Overview tree or the Preview window it will reflect the CSS there for the currently selected component.

What Jo said. This behavior only happens on the main Style tab, not the user created styles.

Yes exactly what i mean. When you have bootstrap style and your own custom style attached to an element it only jumps to the main bootstrap styles. But I would love to be able to click on my custom css style and it should then jump to that style.

Ah ok so you meant the "Custom" CSS files. That makes more sense.

The way to combat having the highlighting in just the main styles window is to use the added features of the app. To the right of every class is a little greyed out text that tells you which file it's in. Click that, and it will take you directly to that class in that file.

So, in reality, it wouldn't really be as useful as you think it would. It may not be done the way you're picturing it should be (and me too when I first started using it), but it does work well with the way it's set up I think.

I used to think I'd like it to highlight it in the other css windows too, but today I think that might actually get confusing and is much cleaner the way it is set up.