CSS Styles going into the Footstyle section

Hello, I went to look in my css style folder and noticed that a lot of my styles were not there. I noticed that they are all in the footer basic stylesheet. Why is it going there? Shouldn't they be moved to the regular style sheet? Is this an known issue?

Thanks CCC3

I believe if you only have 1 stylesheet it defaults to the styles.css file. I believe if you have more than 1 stylesheet it defaults which ever one is currently open and selected in the STYLES pane I believe if you have more than 1 stylesheet and no selected file in the STYLES pane it defaults based on alphabetical list I don't know for sure just my thoughts.


@saj My thoughts are the correct way: there should be 1 footer. Css file which only has the styles for the footer section. Then there should be 1 style.css file that controls the rest of the pages. Correct? C3

Saj is correct on how it works for which file it goes to. Each time you open a new project, it's always a good idea to select your default file for your custom CSS if there is more than one custom CSS file.

The reason it goes to your Footer CSS file is because F comes before S. I bascially chose it each time so I don't have to worry about it. To fix what has happened, yes, you can just move those classes to the correct file. use the little dots on the right of each class that you need to move and you'll find a Move dialog there.

BTW, I add my footer classes to my main custom.css file (or in your case your styes.css file). No need to keep those separate unless you're doing so until you have the sections complete to keep track of them easier.

Saj/Jo, Thank you. This explains why my site is a mess. It has 4 or 5style sheets. The same sections have different class names. I will go through it with a fine tooth comb and clean it out. All of this time and I just realized that it was going to the wrong style sheet.

Thanks your help.

No worries ccc3, we wouldn't know that if we hadn't already done the same thing :P

@Jo, You mentioned that when you start a new project you "select your default file for your custom CSS if there is more than one custom CSS file." How do you select the default css file for your styles so it can default to the main file.

When you open your project each time, create a bogus CSS class at the start by entering it into the class of a component ( I did TESTING so I'd be sure to remove it later if I forgot lol). Then in the CSS window use the pull down to create a new class and it will let you choose which file you want it to go in. Choose your custom file and that sets the default for the session. (until you change it that is)

What happens is, 1. If you don't set it at the beginning of your session or when you add your first class of a session (it's session based right now unfortunately), it defaults to the first CSS file alphabetically. 2. If you set it, and then change it, it will default to the last one used. So if you change it to add something to say your Footer css file, be sure to remember to change it back when you add something to the custom css file. It's just a matter of the pulldown once again when you add a class.

I tend to choose each time and that way there's no way to mess it up and it's really not that big of a deal since it's a matter of "either" hitting the Create button itself or pulling down and choosing the file. Not losing any time doing that so that's what I do.

When you choose a file in the dropdown of the Create button, it adds the class to the top of the list for you. You will many times want to remove half of what it adds, but better that than having to find all those parts it adds if you need them added. Most times you won't want to be as specific as the app adds it is what I'm saying there.

That's all there is to it really, just choose a file and after that it remembers which one when you add them, until you change it. Do this each time you start up a new project and you should be all set to go.

Hope that helped!

P.S. This is also the same exact case when adding attributes via the Look and Feel panel on the right. If you don't choose a file though, this time the attributes will end up inline in the HTML which you really don't want so if you use those attribute settings, be sure to use the pulldown at the top to choose the file you want them to go in and it also gives you the ability to choose an already created class to add them to or to create a new class. Works pretty slick I think. :)

Thanks for all of your help.

OR you can use a single CSS file.

OR you can use SASS where you can break down to as many included subsets of sections and type it all by hand, and let it create a singe or multiple CSS file(s).