Hi Martin, as you know my BSS crashes a lot. White screen.

So I CTRL + S all the time. I've done so multiple times before a crash. I either lose HTML, or some JS. I consistently lose 15 minutes of work.

So, can we make the CTRL + S save ALL open documents on the project? It'll help greatly.

Andrew did you redo your install yet? You really need to do this rather than asking for accommodations to skirt that issue. I agree with you though, I personally would like the Ctrl+S key combo to save all open documents myself too. Even though I don't have this issue we get a lot of storms in Alabama lol. I've lost my share of changes because it was only saving the external or custom file I was in and not all the files or the page I had open in that project. Granted, I don't usually have all that many items open, but if I'm working on my menu, which is all custom code, and I do ctrl+S it only saves that menu file. If I made changes to the rest of the project and power goes out... those changes are gone. This would also keep us from having to click each file to save it as well. So yeah, I would ask for this feature as well.

I save a lot! Ctrl+S is my bestest buddy! hahaha

I finally just did the re-install. We'll see if the issue is fixed. Part of the non-reinstall was to MAKE SURE this is what the problem is.

Time will tell.

I CTRL+S religiously. I expect it to save my work. Right now, it's buggy.

Yaaaay I can't wait to see if it helped your crashes, I sure hope it did, I know what that's like to crash from an app all the time. Reinstalling usually fixes that, and if it doesn't try doing a clean install if you didn't already. That will almost definitely fix it. keeps fingers crossed that you're all fixed up :)


It crashed out again.

Hmm you are probably going to have to do a clean install. Hopefully Martin can help with what you need to do for that for whichever OS you're on.

Yeah I'm going to clean install for Win10.

I'll report back with results.

Crashed again, clean installing..

If you keep running into the crash issues after a clean install, the only explanation is that the design you work is causing them. If it is too big you can resize and shrink your photos. If this is not the problem maybe there is some bug which we aren't aware of, but will be happy to fix.