Cursor Anomaly after pasting text

When adding text to an existing class name, the cursor jumps back to point A as shown in the screenshot below when it should actually remain at point B so you can continue typing. Working with these Class Names and ID boxes to get the cursor to show up is already very touchy when you try to get the cursor at the end or beginning (points A or B), so it would be much easier if it were to end with the cursor at point B after pasting so we don't have to click back into the box to get the cursor in the right place to continue typing if needed.

Oops too late to edit lol.

Let me give you an example of why this is important so you can see why I posted this.

I'm creating a samples page for clients for various headers, footers, etc. I'm giving them each extra little tags at the end like 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, etc., but what I paste is actually -1 or -2

And then I need to type the various letter that goes with it. (I paste longer things than just the numbers, that's just an example to show that what I'm pasting is the same for each sample, and that I need to then type the variance for each one (letters, numbers, initials etc.).

When I paste the -1, what happens is I then have to get the cursor back to the end of the line to add the rest. Tedious to have to do this when the cursor really should remain at the end of the line ready for typing.

Hopefully that makes more sense as to why I am reporting this and that it's really not a silly little nitpick lol. :)