Custom Code / In app preview

I know that CC isn't shown in the app because of "security reasons". But hey, I want to see what I do and how the final layout looks. So, there should be an option to allow this. At least the CC box should be as big as the final one if rendering the content is really not possible.

Actually the Custom Code shows just fine in the app unless you have some major scripts running for it. You may then need to run the Browser preview to show it or export it to check it initially. I have a lot of custom code sections in my projects, and right now only the ones with forms in them don't show up. All the rest show up just fine.

By "show up in the app" I mean within BSS application. The custom code shows in the browser preview, but not in the BSS editor.

See screenshot: The small blue line is the CC section, the SVG is directly referenced and should use the file from the images sidebar on the right.

BSS with custom code not showing in app

That's strange, it works for me in both. I use quite a bit of it for menu's for pretty much all of my clients and the menu shows up fine in the app and the browser preview. they don't always "function" as they should in the app preview, but the overall view of it is there. Pretty much anything that doesn't include javascript should work in the app preview. Some things will work in the browser preview with javascript and some won't.

Btw, your screen shot doesn't show, you need to add the image code to it in here to make it viewable.

Btw, your screen shot doesn’t show, you need to add the image code to it in here to make it viewable.

Assume you mean to use an image (IMG) with "add the image code", as I posted on the other thread, I need access to the SVG DOM, hence I can't use an IMG.

just highlight the link to your image and hit the image button on the editor of the forums and that should make your image show up in the forums.

+1 to this idea no matter where this conversation goes haha!