Custom code puts php tag as comment

I'm trying to insert some php code in my page. I have an export script that converts every .html page into .php page. So, to insert my php code I am using the Custom Code block. In there it put something like <\? php echo "Hello"; ?> (<\? is only to appear as text in here, in reality it is without the ). And instead of my having that php code on the page, Bootstrap Studio converts that code into a html comment; something like <--?php echo "Hello"; ?--> . Well what Bootstrap Studio is doing is stupid, the Custom Code shouldn't be transformed in to comments or into something else. The Custom Code is for people that know what they are doing and transforming php tags into comments is not right. Do you agree?

Well there are 2 choices: - Will someone fix this behaviour? or - Will someone add a Custom PHP Code Tag to Bootstrap Studio?

I need this to work


Thank you for starting this thread! Custom Code is cleaned up and escaped when it's displayed in the app. When you export, it should be included in the page without modification. Isn't this the case for your code?

No, I believe the php tag when export still is escaped. I got a bash export script that fix this now.