Custom code

Hi... I already purchase bootstrap studio and have been used it, I have some suggestion

  1. the custom code only preview on panel as custom code only not like other as the div name, so I only could edit custom code by hand on HTML edit. Thats would be cool if custom code are like the other and we can edit like others component.

Not going to happen sorry.

You will most likely never see the editing of the code itself be included in the main HTML area, but if you're having issues with recognizing which Custom Code is which you can Label them.

  1. Go to the Overview area in the bottom left and find the Custom Code block you want to label.
  2. Right click that block and choose Label.. in the dropdown list.
  3. In the window that opens type a label name to help you recognize that block.

You will now see that name in a grey color to the right of the Custom Code text. You can do this with pretty much everything in the Overview tree area to help you recognize different areas and elements of your site. Keeps it easier to work with for sure!

What about "custom code to drag&drop components converter"? Would something like that be possible? Search for the best fit across all premade components and give you a chance to convert with a log of unsupported changes that you could then solve via CSS&JS...?

Hi all new here just bought Bootstrap studio. I think it would be great to have more options too put your own custom code in the pages. I have a heap of custom code after coding by hand for years and would love it if this software would let me insert the custom code easier.

+1 to mixsetup's idea!