custom code

use of options panel with custom code would make bss more flexible

Use of custom code as is makes it flexible so I don’t see the benefit in devs spending time developing it any time soon.

If you want to use the options panel then use the components that BSS are built in to the app as intended using drag and drop ?

I would have to agree with Chris and pabyomi both lol. I too would love to see the ability for custom code items to be editable via the drag and drop system, wouldn't be the first time it's been done since you can pretty much do most any of that with Pinegrow (heaven forbid that I of all people am making this comparison after all the hassle with previous posters lol), but ... it's also very doable to use it as it is right now. You need to know something about Coding in order to really get a good grip on using this app anyways, so if you have that knowledge then it doesn't take much more time to set something up in a Custom Code setup than it does for drag and drop. I do it constantly for lots of little and big things and it flows pretty well.

One thing I don't think a lot of people are aware of is the connection with the HTML and CSS that the Custom Code has. You may not be able to drag and drop things to edit your Custom Code items, but you can still make all the same connections with the HTML and CSS that you normally would. In other words, if you click on something in the HTML window that is part of a Custom Code block, the CSS window will change to show you the classes involved with that highlighted item. There's more power in that little piece of knowledge than a lot of people realize as it gives you full clear information about anything you click on in the HTML window whether it's a drag and dropped item or a Custom Code item. Makes it very easy to know what needs editing and whether or not your classes have been created correctly or have the right settings in them and you can find them easily to edit them in the CSS even for the Custom Code items. It's not as bleak as many think it is. :)