custom components editable options on the right side

Enlish: It is possible to create a custom code with the possibility to make the changes on the right side options? Is it possible to enter text of custom code components directly on the workspace? How to make the other developer for your library?

Deutsch: ist es möglich einen Benutzerdefinierten Code so zu erstellen, dass man anschließende Änderungen wie bei den von euch vorgefertigten Komponenten unter Optionen auf der rechten Seite vornehmen kann? Ist es möglich Text von Benutzerdefinierten Komponenten direkt auf der Arbeitsfläche einzugeben? Wie machen das andere Entwickler für eure Bibliothek?



Custom code cannot be edited outside of the Custom Code editor window.

This has not been my question. My question is how to create a custom component so that it can be customized via OptionsPanel.

Does anyone else have an idea

Oh, well you said Custom Code in your post not Component lol. So ...

The way to do this is to "not" include any custom code blocks in your component. If you create a component and it is made up of all items that can be edited in the Options Panel, then it will be able to be edited in the Options Panel when downloaded by others, or reused by you.

If you include any custom code blocks, then those custom code block areas will need to be edited in the code editor area, and the rest will be editable in the Options Panel if they are not custom code blocks.

Hope that helps. :)