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I'm using Apache Wicket ( to create my dynamic website. This framework is using a namespace "wicket" to add elements and attributes like the attribute wicket:id or the element <wicket:panel />:

I would like to know if I can create custom elements with Bootstrap Studio, element ignored but the editor ?

Thank you.


BSS allows you to write custom HTML in the form of Custom "code blocks" but they have no special interaction with this programs's visual tools. They're basically just like injected snippets of code. Custom components created with the programs standard Bootstrap components can have their own IDs, classes and attributes which you can define, and then save to a library. I am not familiar with wicket, so I am not exactly sure what it is you're trying to achieve by integrating BSS into you workflow. Have you tried using the online demo version of BBS?

This is a greater issue than may be understood. I use thymeleaf and need to put
xmlns:th=“” on the page. I have searched the forum(I really have, honest) and tried all knowable options. The last being how to edit the BSS template, which was not knowable(can someone instruct). I of course understand and admire the reasons, and can edit the page for that simple change in development to production. Indeed I am thankful for the additional insight this has provided, but if it is possible to affect that change I would appreciate it greatly.

This builder is for building websites and components with Bootstrap so I’m not sure how useful it would be for trying to create components or anything like that for other frameworks.

You could add that to every page using Pythons Beautiful Soup html parser and then save and overwrite the original file via the powerful export script option Bootstrap Studio includes. I run my .py scripts from a master batch file. Reame html files, remove html, add html, change html, create directories, change links, etc etc etc.

You can do that in Bootstrap Studio like this

and the html will look like this

<div class="table-responsive">
	<table class="table">
				<th th:text="#{}">Name</th>
				<th th:text="#{msgs.headers.price}">Price</th>
			<tr th:each="prod: ${allProducts}">
				<td th:text="${}">Oranges</td>
				<td th:text="${#numbers.formatDecimal(prod.price, 1, 2)}">0.99</td>

example from your link above