Custom options for all native elements

It would be cool if we could add custom options to all native components in BSS. For example, say I wanted to add a custom option to all divs, I could go into BSS design settings (or maybe even entire application settings) and set custom options for all current and new divs in the design. Same for any other element.

This would be useful so that we wouldn’t have to add the custom option to each component we want to use. And although we can add components to the library, if we ever want to add a new option to the custom options, we currently have to edit each existing component already in the design, since the changes don’t apply to already placed elements.

Also, having an option to extend already existing / native option dropdowns with more options would be a cool addition to this.

Another idea if adding native element custom options support is a no-go; being able to edit elements from the library, and it automatically applying the changes to all elements already added to the design could possibly work instead.

Isn’t this what CSS classes are for?

Custom options already exist in BSS for a reason, they add attributes / css classes based on user input / selection. Extending native options would only improve the customization and easy switching of classes or attributes within the design.

For example, the “Relationship” option for links was just added today with a BSS update. If there was a way to add custom options to native elements, we could’ve added the relationship option way before a BSS update rather than waiting for an update for it to be added.

This is just a small example, way more could be done with this and would be really convenient to a developer or designer.

Guess I’m not really following you.

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Thank you for the suggestion! This would be nice to have, but I feel that very few people would actually use this. If we see more users ask for it we will look into adding it.

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