Default alphabetical JS order potential problem

I just worked with someone that included 2 components that have JS scripts that the scripts were ordered alphabetical causing one of the components to not function.

I instructed them to reorder their scripts that resolved the issue.

I think the ordering in the Include Order tool should reflect the order in which the components where added to the project rather then alphabetical so that these kinds of issues can be avoided in the future. That doesn't mean that necessarily the order is totally correct but more like to not conflict.


I would have to agree with this as well. There's been a good handful of people that have been confused about the ordering due to seeing it in alpha order and not realizing that the JS list didn't represent the actual order.

I agree that the current behavior is not optimal. But at least it matches the alphabetical ordering in the sidebar. Maybe it would be best to improve the tutorials and explain how to reorder scripts to new users.

How about allowing users to arrange them and maintain that order? This is along the lines of Saj's suggestion but more importantly, it allows the user to set the order should something happen and a dependency is found where the order must change. Defaulting to alpha sort order is just plain bad.

Tony, it isn't set at alpha order on the pages, only in the app's listing when you are viewing the list of JS files in the drop down of the Design area. You can already order them how you want them by right clicking over the Javascript section name and choosing Include Order. It just doesn't "show" that way in the app list, but once you reorder it that order will be how it's set in the pages on export.