Delete Brand in Navbar

Is there any way to delete the brand in the navbar? I just want the navbar items and not the brand.


In the options panel on the right hand side of screen, if you click brand you can choose to hide this by removing the tick on 'show brand'

I am very sorry, but I do not find this 'show brand'?

Hi jensknaack, if you have latest version of app select your navbrand block and the in the right hand nav menu you click the middle icon and you should see a toggle that says show brand

Hello Chris,

thank you very much for your quick answer.


I hate to bring this topic back to life but I'm missing the button to disable nav brand. I'm using 4.5.7 and following this tutorial:

Any help will be great.

Just to be clear. The toggle "Show Brand" toggle is missing under "Smart Active State". Is there a new way to go about deleting the brand from navbar?

It used to be there. Just click on it and hit the trash icon.

Sounds good. Thank you!

You can disable BRAND, click in the window hierachy ‘Overview’ → right-click on ‘Navbar Brand’, in the pop-menù select ‘hide’.