Design handling for multiple pages

When a site needs changes to navigation or logo, it is always needed to update all the subpages.
Any idea how to accomplish a general template, which can be used in other pages and is automatically updated to the other pages, when the template was changed?

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I would highly suggest going through some of the tutorials that help explain how things work in the app. What you’re looking for is called “Paste Linked” or “Linked Components”. Many of the tutorials are a bit outdated as far as videos go, but the main gist of the app is covered in them and is a good base to start using the app with.

In short, it can be done, but it’s been explained so many times I’ll let you search for it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank you for your quick reply!
Will do my homework, dude. :sunglasses:
Nice to see, that there is an option for this! :+1:

For all who come along…

And for linked navbars, you can enable “Smart Active State” option in the options.
Nice! I do really like Bootstrap Studio - really stunning peace of software!

I agree, and look at that sense of accomplishment you received and shared because you found it yourself. :slight_smile:

@sil3nc3 keep an eye out for the “Overhauled Docs” in the coming 5.7 releases. Those should really asisst everyone and also with questions on the forum for common tasks within the app hopefully. :blush:

Overhauled Docs - We will expand the tutorials section on our website (and the tutorials tab in Bootstrap Studio’s start screen) with comprehensive documentation.