Design Screen Increase to iPhone 6 Plus sizes.

When adding buttons, images, etc. on the default phone/portrait screen, the width is 360px. These image do not grow to 414px for the iPhone 6+ screen size, nor do they center when set to that display. How do we set the design size to 414px for the phone/portrait layout? Anyone have any tutorials on this stuff other than the minimal stuff on this website? Also, any way to bypass the need to enter "px" when setting sizes for width, height, etc? Thanks in advance for the suggestions for the above.

Try setting width of buttons to be 100% on the xs breakpoints that way you fill the screen with on smaller phones and the plus sized phone screens.

Thanks Chris. Experimented with that and it works fine. On some of our project apps, we will be using an Accordion with between 45-60 buttons, which are graphics, so the 100% will work just fine. We will fiddle with the height to get some spacing between them - maybe! LOLOLLL In any case, appreciate your response. Might see some more questions as we plod through this project, which is converting a native IOS app with 255 screens into an html format, which we will then convert into a PWA. Our initial test was positive on the latter part of that. Its building the html version of the app, which was initially built via MobiONE and MyEclipse to create the Apple files for Enterprise Distribution. Getting rid of that process with the PWA. HERB

Sounds like a big project - good luck with it and just holla if you need any questions answered ?

Just a follow up to let you know the 100% setting for the Accordion buttons seems to be working OK, and for both Apple and Android phones.