Detect external changes - and suggest

I use git - For backup, and revisions of my Bootstrap.

When i checkout my different branches, my .bsdsign is changed - But I manually have to close the file in Bootstrap Studio - And then open it again.

Here you can see that i have a master branch, where the .bsdesign file is 740K, and I have the Gallery branch where it is 949K. GIT example of Bootstrap Studio files

But Bootstrap Studio does not notice the change, please make it aware of file changes - And give the option to reload the file.

I am aware, that all is contained within the same file, so I cannot just merge changes back and forth - But it eases my mind that I have backup, and can rollback changes.

Regards, Michael Nielsen

  • it should have topic: Detect external changes - and suggest reload

Thank you for the suggestion! This would be a good addition to the program. This will also benefit Dropbox/Google Drive users. We will investigate the most efficient cross platform way of monitoring for file changes.

I am wondering which would be the best way to handle external changes. We don't want people to lose their unsaved work. Maybe the app should show a dialog that there have been external changes, with the ability to save the current design as a copy?

@Martin yes it should make a notice that an external change has been seen.

If the file in Bootstrap Studio has been modified - It should: - prompt you to either save changes to new file - open modified file - Ignore changes, and continue

If the file in bootstrap studio has not been modified, it should prompt you to: - Ignore changes - Open modified file, perhaps with an option to always load modified file when existing file has not been changed.


And if, as you suggest - You'd be able to merge changes - In case several people worked on different pages within the project - That would be absolutely awesome.