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Hi. new user here. I have in the past developed a compehensive PHP application using PHP, CSS, Json, javscript and the kitchen sink. By that I mean JQuery. I want to reproduce some fof the functionality i designed using BS and Modals.

I used mainly HTML in the app and to emulate a modal I would create hidden DIVs in some pages that I would invoke by using Jquery. The thing behind them was Javascript which was used for form validation and using the ajax plugin to submit the form to the server and post information.

This worked pretty well. I have managed to produce a simple page using bootstrap to invoke the modal and I can display a simple form on that to facilitate data entry. I use a number of JS alert statements to illustrate where in the code I am. and i can see that I can get to the point where I am about to submit the AJAX request but it is evidently not working.

I can see this on my server log and see from my alert statements where I am, but the submission is not occuring. I am desperatly looking for some advice or help as to how I can make this work. I’ve tried Stackoverllow but no joy there! Has anyone got any advice or suggestions that might help me out?

IMO, there are two ways to approach problems like this.

  1. Bang your head against the wall for hours trying to learn and implement various technologies to accomplish your goal (and I assume you’re doing this for a paying client, because if it’s just to learn for the sake of learning, you’ve got a masochism issue.)

  2. Find a third-party solution that already does what you need, and pay for it because at the end of the day, your time is valuable, and as long as what you’re creating is being sold, you can justify the expense with the profit you make from the sale.

I use forms in modals in BSS all the time (pretty much in all my sites), but I do it via a third-party form company called jotform. They allow you to create conditional logic on the forms, set up where the user is taken after the form is submitted, integrate a huge variety of plug-ins (many of which are free) and dozens of other things.

In other words they’re doing all the “heavy lifting” you seem to be trying to figure out yourself (if I understand your question correctly.)

But does your jotform allow you to POST data to server?

In their Form Settings > Show More Option there is a drop down that looks like this…

TBH, I don’t really understand what it is you’re doing (I’m just an amateur web developer) but this appears to address what you’ve described. The “Thank-You” page can be set to any URL, so I would presume you can get what you need.

Jotform has a free plan (which of course displays their logo on your form), but you can still just sign up, build a test form and see if it does what you need. You can also post a question in their forum, and the devs are pretty good about responding.

Their free account has low limits on the number of form views, submissions, etc… and their paid plans aren’t cheap because they give you unlimited forms. I think their client base is tends towards website freelancers and web development companies who need to be able to build and manage dozens to hundreds of forms (which is what I do.)

I’ve yet to find a form builder that has as much flexibility and customizability as Jotform. They give you full access to the code of your form, you can download it and edit it however you like.

I’d say try it. You have nothing to lose.

You really need to take a look at Machform PN, it’s pretty darned versatile and it’s a set fee per year for upgrading the app, and even though it’s an online builder, you install it to your own server so all yoru forms are hosted on your own server that way. Then you get a patch of code to add to your site for the forms. I would way more pay for the app upgrades any day than a monthly fee with limitations per subscription levels. Just sayin’

Thanks for the recommendation.

I actually have done the comparison. They are both excellent platforms. Feature-wise, they are fairly equal in terms of capabilities and customization, the both have logic tools, access to the CSS code, multiple ways to insert the forms on your site, etc. However, Jotform also recently added Google’s invisible reCAPTCHA and HIPAA compliance (important for me because I handle some medical clients websites). They also recently debuted a brand new, “one-form-field-entry-per-screen” system for mobile devices, which allows you to create forms that totally eliminate the need to scroll on phones.

There are so many widgets and integrations available for free with Jotform I will probably never even have a fraction of the time required to to learn what they all are, but it’s just good to know they’re available if I need them. I’ve yet to have a form requirement that I couldn’t fulfil through Jotform.

The bottom line factor, of course, is price. The annual price on Machform’s cloud-based small business plan is $250 for the year, which gives you 10k monthly submissions and unlimited forms. That’s a great deal. By contrast, Jotform charges you $390 a year for 10k monthly submissions and unlimited forms (albeit with HIPAA compliance.)

Machform would be a no-brainer for most people EXCEPT, since I was one of the very early Jotform subscribers, I’m grandfathered in at my original price when I signed up 11 years ago, which is… (believe it or not)… only $45.00 a year! That includes unlimited support, 10k monthly submissions, and 1000 payment submissions. Machform integrates with 5 payment processors. Jotform has over 30.

Of the three Machform self-hosted plans, only the Unlimited plan ($249) would be suitable for me, because the $99 plan limits you to 10 sites, and I have way more than 10 forms running. So the $249 self-hosted plan looks like a great deal, EXCEPT, if they upgrade the software, you have to pay 50% of the $249 annual fee to get the upgrade ($125) and if you want support after one year, you also have to pay $125, so there’s really no self-hosted version that is a “one-time-only” charge (unless you’re willing to not get support or upgrades after the first year.) That I don’t like. Jotform doesn’t charge anything for software upgrades, and their customer support is always free (and I have used it quite a bit.) They do have self-hosting as well, but I’ve never looked into it because for $45 a year, I’m happy as the proverbial :pig: in :poop:

If I ever lose that grandfathered pricing thought, you can bet I’ll be giving Machform a very serious look, as well as the many other form builders that have arisen in recent years (like Google Forms which is 100% free.) Sometimes, you’ve just got so much going on that you don’t have time to start experimenting/investigating with stuff that might actually be better or save you money. I often find myself in that boat.

Just a “for instance”, Google has just rolled out a completely revised version of Analytics that is installed in a totally different manner from their old Analytics. Analytics is something I rely on SIGNIFICANTLY for optimizing my client’s page rank, so now I have to devote all my spare minutes to learning this new version of Analytics just to stay ahead of the curve, because for my clients, ranking #1 in their areas is one of their biggest priorities. Amongst the industry my company caters to specifically (martial art schools) there are a lot of competitors always trying to woo away my clients, and one of the few things I have that gives me a leg up is that those competitors are that they’re all bumbling fools when it comes to SEO. They are never able to outrank my websites in a given town (which I’m sure makes them furious) but that’s because I’ve spent hundreds of hours studying Google’s SEO rules, while they have not. Anyway I digress.

I’m just curious as to whether the OP has found a solution to his problem.

Ah but you’ve only looked at comparison’s for monthly/yearly plans, you have overlooked the download of the app and uploading to your own server part which is where this app shines price wise. I do agree on the features you state that Jotform has and Machform does not (will most likely have soon as well), but for absolutely “no” limitations, Machforms downloadable app for your own server is a much better deal pricewise.

You must missed this paragraph, because it’s entirely about Machform’s self-hosted version.

So the self-hosting is great if you don’t care about support or getting new features that get rolled out, because those aren’t free on Machform’s self-hosted plan. When Jotform updates anything on their platform, there’s never an additional charge, and support is always free.

there could be a lot of possible issues like the CORS, try to use jsonp or check your web api using postman.

PN I did miss that, sorry, I saw the word Plan and assumed it was all monthly plans … but …

Once again, the lowest plan in Jotform that would fit any real web designers/developers is the $24 a month plan which at $288 a year is more than twice the price of renewals for Machform. You don’t pay for the renewal “and” support. It’s all in one upgrade each year like software “used” to be. At $125 a year that’s a lot better than $288 for Jotform on their lowest paid plan. Not a deal for you of course since you’re grandfathered in with no fees, and I also pay a lower yearly rate for Machform as well due to longevity of use.

With no limitations with Machform on how many views or sends or etc. (most ridiculous setup I’ve ever seen in my life for usage, and will never purchase or buy into anything that charges per use for software/service. Just my sentiments on that part.

I like no limitations, can make as many forms as I like for anyone, those forms can get as many responses and views as they do with no repercussions for them. Better value for the price in my book.

Both are good choices though as I’ve messed around with Jotform’s free version a bit a while back, but their pricing stalled me at that point so …

I strongly suspect that one day my grandfathered price will be discontinued, because it’s RIDICULOUSLY cheaper than what they charge for their current plan with the same features. Like 1/4 the price. But as long as they keep it cheap, I’ll stay with them. If they change it, then I’ll start shopping (probably starting with Machform.)

I’ve also noted that Jotform isn’t the only company to have done drastic price updates. I remember when Logmein was free. Then it was like $49 for the year for unlimited computers. Then it was 5 computers. Then 3. Then 1. Then they introduced tiered plans… $30 a month for 2 computers. $70 a month for 5 and a whopping $129 a month for 10 computers. Talk about greed!!!

When I had Windows XP on all my machines back in the 2000’s, I used Windows Remote desktop (which was free and built into Windows) ALL the time. It was great, but the problem was, it took over the other computer completely. Logmein allowed the user at the other end to continue to see and interact with their computer while you were on it remotely. Windows remote desktop just presented the remote machine with a black screen. No interactivity. So it was good for when I needed to access my own office machines from other locations, but no good for helping other people with their computers.

Then, with Windows 7, they removed remote desktop from he home version, and it was only available on Windows 7 Professional (more expensive) and most people with 7 had home version. So that eventually fell out of use.

For a time, I tried using Chrome’s free version of a “log me in” type software, but it requires you to have a separate user account, and it’s a paid to log in and out of different Chrome accounts just to use their remote feature. Plus, if you want to use it on another person’s machine, you have to set it up on their machine ahead of time, using a specific code. It’s just not that easy. There are other paid solutions that are in between free and massively expensive (Team Viewer comes to mind) but I’ve kinda gotten away from that aspect of computer work. I don’t really do much in the way of remote assisting of other users anymore, and I work entirely from my home, at my own machine, so I virtually never have need to access it remotely.