Development advice

Hi. new user here. I have in the past developed a compehensive PHP application using PHP, CSS, Json, javscript and the kitchen sink. By that I mean JQuery. I want to reproduce some fof the functionality i designed using BS and Modals.

I used mainly HTML in the app and to emulate a modal I would create hidden DIVs in some pages that I would invoke by using Jquery. The thing behind them was Javascript which was used for form validation and using the ajax plugin to submit the form to the server and post information.

This worked pretty well. I have managed to produce a simple page using bootstrap to invoke the modal and I can display a simple form on that to facilitate data entry. I use a number of JS alert statements to illustrate where in the code I am. and i can see that I can get to the point where I am about to submit the AJAX request but it is evidently not working.

I can see this on my server log and see from my alert statements where I am, but the submission is not occuring. I am desperatly looking for some advice or help as to how I can make this work. I’ve tried Stackoverllow but no joy there! Has anyone got any advice or suggestions that might help me out?

If you got no help on Stack Overflow, you almost certainly won’t get help with this problem posting in this Forum category. This category is for questions relating to the fundamental use of the Bootstrap Studio software (eg, how do I set column widths in the options panel.)

Stuff involving writing custom code is well outside the realm of the things this program does with its built-in components and visual tools. You can try posting your question in the Webdesign Help category, where it’s more likely someone with coding experience might have ideas to offer.