Development CSS only applied inside Bootstrap Studio not on publish or export

I often find myself having to use css rules inside Bootstrap Studio to get around the visual layout problems that occur when you are using dynamically created plugins. A simple example would be a slideshow that shows all the pictures stacked inside BS until the javascript is applied and everything works in a browser. I usually create a "dev" stylesheet that applies visibility: hidden to the 2 - 10 images and apply visibility: visible to the first image that has active. On export I have to disable this stylesheet so it is not included. There are countless other examples of having to use internal css to design.

The new feature "Visibility" setting in the stylesheet setting is a welcome addition and comes close to what is needed but it still turns off the stylesheet on the page I need it to be "on" when designing.

So what I am looking for is a stylesheet that is applied only in Bootstrap Studio but not included on publish or export. A setting that is set once and applied.

This is an interesting suggestion! Although I believe it is too specific for a dedicated feature. Maybe an easier solution would be to add a stylesheet to your project, and then remove it with an export script. Do you think this would work for you?

It has to include preview, export or publish. Everytime I have to preview, I have to disable the "dev" stylesheet. Some setting added to the visibility setting of a stylesheet that would say "Only apply inside Bootstrap Studio". Internal only....

Doesn't this fall into the same thing as the thread we had not too long ago about putting boxes that we can resize etc. in as placeholders? I can't find the thread now, but it wasn't all that long ago and someone had brought up having resizable boxes within the app that only affected the app and weren't exported at all. I believe I mentioned something about adding inputs for size parameters as an alternative and so on. Sounds to me like this would fall into that category and I believe you said you were looking into doing something with it at that time and were asking for ideas.

It could be taken one step further which may be too futuristic but to have some sort of control center widget that would allow one to utilize css and javascript internally would be a great addition. Much like the little menu helpers Bootstrap Studio Developers have already added like in the tabs, carousel, dropdown etc. I know its asking a lot and security is top priority but sometimes its really hard to design things that are not put together yet until they reach a browser.