Disable some code in extension changes and custom code

Sorry to bother you.

When I first knew bootstrap studio, I shouted out Eureka.

Thanks to the developer.

We can see that it has been updated that the development potential is great. The ideas of the EndUsers also seem to reflect well.

My idea is twofold.

  1. It allows you to change the extension.

  2. Within [Custom Code], [<%%> or <? ?>] If there is asp & php code, it means not to display on edit screen.

If both requests are accepted, bootstrap studio alone will be an integrated development tool.

[Using Google Translator may not convey the meaning well.]

Bootstrap Studio is a front-end builder. PHP and ASP are backend (server-side) languages. You are trying to mix two different web technologies. The developers have already explained in other posts why it's not possible to support PHP natively in this application.

In Bootstrap Studio, it would be nice to declare <? Php?> And mark it as a div so that coding can be done in another editor.