Disappearing changes!!

So ... I dragged a saved component from a bunch that I use often for specific clients (have them separated by client for ease of reuse). Edited the block which was just a little sidebar text block. Decided I wanted to center the text and hit the Center button in the Options ....

It centered just fine .... and undid all of the changes I made except for the title one. There is no redo or undo that I can put back. I bascially have to redo it all. Of all the clients to have this happen on, this one always expects me to write up her descriptions of her events and I hate it lol. "Oh you do it so nicely" etc. etc. so I wing it every time, same as I did today so now I have to figure out what I wrote! LOL.

Anyways, I'll holler if it happens again, I will definitely try it after I save it when the text is updated again and see if it does it again. Nasty bug indeed!

I think this is the same exact bug I reported here. Gabriella said they'd fix it on the next release


haha I knew I saw someone had posted something like that, but I couldn't remember where it was. Thanks for the info Printninja :)