divs are forced to be inside a column or row

There should be no forcing of columns or rows for some things such as anchor tags for getting people to move around a page more quickly. I am adding anchor tag divs which are just a div with an ID and nothing more, to various locations on the page of a client's site and no matter where I move it to it forces either a row or column depending on where I drop it.

You should be able to drop a div anywhere without it adding anything to it at all, no matter what is in the div.

This is truly not necessary and should not happen for everything we put in a page. We need a lot more control here than what BSS is giving us for things like this. I think this is falling into the "keep the newbies from breaking the page" setup, but you're making it more difficult for those of us that are not newbies.

I don't seem to have this problem.

Just out of curiosity, why bother with adding an empty div? Why not just give the container an ID?

Habit I suppose lol, hadn't really thought about it, old habits die hard I guess. I also realized I was using a BSS3 site when this happens so I'll check to see if it happens on the BSS4 sites and if not then it's probably just an old thing, but somehow I would think things like this would be universal, I'll know in a little while!