DNS record in not set yet

Hi Guys, I set the DNS in Cloudflare which looks Ok to me and still getting the message in BSS
“DNS record in not set yet”

What could be wrong?
Thank you

A DNS update can take upto 72 hours, usually it isn’t that long, maybe an hour or two.

When I visit ludek-makler.com I get a bss 404 page

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Thank you, its working now. I have added DNS record for www.ludek-makler.com however when entering this address there is an error.

I am publishing via BSS with this address: https://ludek-makler.com/
which is not the “www” version.
Any idea?
Thank you

From the BSS docs:

If you want the www version of your website (www.example.com ) to work the same as the non-www version (example.com ), you will need to configure a redirect in CloudFlare’s control panel (opens new window).

@skip it works on my end. Also you can check dns propagation around the world here: DNS Propagation Checker - Global DNS Testing Tool

  • speaking in native: mam skusenosti s dns muzu ti pomoci jestli je to jeste aktuelni.

Let me know.

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Turn on dns only mode