Do PHP Includes or something like it exist in Bootstrap Studio?


I am a programmer, and art director, and I'm using Bootstrap Studio to create prototypes that we call wireframes so we can get clients approval before we create complete designs.

As a programmer I'm used to using PHP Includes to include things like my navigation. It seems this isn't possible with Bootstrap Studio but I'm not sure if there is an alternative or something?



Right now I am having to copy and paste my navigation into every HTML file I create instead of just including one file that can be updated and reflect in all others.



Can anyone confirm whether or not such a "feature" exists in Bootstrap Studio? Thank you.

Tags: reusable components, includes, php includes, centralized code, centralized elements

you could turn your nav bar into a component by right clicking on it on the Overview pane and selecting Add to Library.

You can then just drag it into each page and link them so that they update automatically.

@savethewolf I’ve created the component and see it in my library. Can you elaborate on how you can get the component to update automatically across all pages that it is on? I’m looking to make a single change and have it reflect in all the pages that component is on automatically.

When I make a change now, it is only updated in that instance of the component on the page I’m editing and I have to resave a new component, then delete and insert on all pages. What am I missing to save time and not have to re-insert the component on every page?

Check out the tutorials for “Linked Components” which gives you the ability to make a component and reuse it on other pages. Then you can update that component on any page and it will update on all pages that have it.

Right click the component in the Overview panel, choose Copy To > Multiple, select the pages you want to put the component on, and make sure to click the switch in the dialogue window that says “Link Copies” before you click the Copy button. Then, you will see a little blue symbol next to your component in the Overview panel indicating that it is linked on other pages. Any change to a linked component on any page will update the changes across the entire website.