Document created with BSS must pass Bootlint test

When I run the page I created on on bootlint ( for checking its compliance with bootstrap, i get many issues.

Could you please make the generated code compliant with bootstrap best practices?

Best would be actually running it before every save and promting user when it generates issues.

You can also test it yourself. Just go the the preview of the page your created using Chorme. type javascript: on the url bar and paste the following:

(function(){var s=document.createElement("script");s.onload=function(){bootlint.showLintReportForCurrentDocument([]);};s.src="";document.body.appendChild(s)})();

You will see the results in the console.

Thank you for opening this thread!

The only issue on pages made with Bootstrap Studio that I get is that they are not made with the latest version of Bootstrap (we will include the latest version in the next release of the app).

What errors are you running into? We are committed to outputting valid Bootstrap code with Bootstrap Studio and will fix any issues that you've run into.

I got these errors on one of my pages in my project, I don't think I'm going to check all my pages :)

< head> is missing X-UA-Compatible < meta> tag that disables old IE compatibility modes However, doesn't this cause it to fail W3C checks?

Found one or more < button>s missing a type attribute. I think this would be a natural function of the options pane for these types of things.

Bootstrap version might be outdated.... Bootstrap JS is 3.3.5 should be 3.3.6, CSS is 3.3.6.

@j444 The script has character set type double quotes in it which cause the script to fail, I don't know if the forum rewrote them like that? But just a note for anyone trying to use it just have to fix the double quotes from the styled to plain double/single quote marks.

In Chrome you can right click your preview page and select inspect element and in the console tab you can paste in the script and execute it from there if you want. I'm thinking of writing a button to trigger the function myself on my pages.