documentation for Column Helper control

I have searched and searched, but only find a mention of it in the documentation.<br /> To use it, you "give it the correct Responsive Display class".<br /> What is the correct Responsive Display class???? I can make it break row (all the time) or select "clear fix", not sure what clear fix does.


To force columns to break to next line

Bootstrap v4

Bootstrap v3


Is there a legitimate answer to this question? I assign the responsive display class but it makes the contents of the column before it to disappear

Post a link to your site so we can look at what’s happening.

The legitimate answer would be to learn CSS and Bootstrap structure. Display properties for columns are a basic Bootstrap setting. There are a lot of tutorials on the web covering both subjects, and you will definitely need them to utilize BSS productively. Good luck and have fun with it!

I figured it out…the problem was that when column-helper was set to d-none, the column before was shrunk to fit on the one row again, but it was shrunk so small that it was practically invisible.

column-helper seems like a bit of a hack, though, all is does is create a

element with w-100 class. I feel like properly sizing the columns and using row-cols-* is the proper method. On the other hand, it is a lot faster and easier

Glad you worked it out and I stand corrected in your knowledge! :slight_smile: