Dont hide styles panel when selecting multiple elements

I love the feature that give me the opportunity to set options to more than one elements when selecting multiple elements in the options panel.

What I found would be also very helpful is to edit also information within the styles panel.
But as soons as I select multiple elements the style panel is not available any more.

thx in advance


Hmm that’ s good point. I hadn’t even tried that. It does work if you highlight multiple components add styles via the options panel.

I’m thinking that the reason might be because a class must be applied to all those items and if it’s not there it can’t update them. The app does apply them when using the Options panel so I would think there might be a way this could be done too. Hopefully we’ll see an answer from devs on it. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh yes, I also have used the Attributes pane to add styles to multiple components so, maybe what you need to do is:

  1. Create your style in the Styles pane (or edit it to whatever it is you need to have in it).
  2. Select the multiple components you want to apply it to.
  3. Type in the attributes pane to add the class to the components.

This will then apply that class to all the selected components.

Hope that helps too!

This is how I always do it.

Jap, that works, thx