Double click component to edit lable [added in 4.4.4]

Just an idea for a quick time saver. Make it so double-clicking the label on a component in the Overview panel opens the change component label dialogue.

+1111111 Been asked for before, hopefully they will get it in there one of these days.

Thank you for the suggestion! The problem is that double click is already handled by some components (textual components are opened for editing, images launch the image browser, icons the icon browser). Maybe we can make something like Ctrl/Cmd + Double click change the label. Would this be something that you see yourself using?

Yes that would be an awesome addition. Easy key click combo to keep it quick and easy.

We released Bootstrap Studio 4.4.4 today, and added the ability to set labels with a middle mouse click.

It turned out that the original Ctrl/Cmd+Double click idea conflicted with the multiple selection functionality and the mac os feature for simulating right clicks. This is why we decided on the middle click approach.

Yaaaay Thanks Martin! That actually works perfect .... unless of course you have a mouse without a middle mouse wheel :P