Downloaded Components cause a lot of lag

I downloaded a handful of components to check out today and man oh man this is really bad. I tried to move them into another folder and I finally gave up because the preview popup that each one has lags the heck out of them. Takes 10 to 30 seconds to move each one, and locks up the app until it's done each time. This has always been a bit of an issue, but now it seems a horrible issue as it's almost impossible to organize anything if you download a bunch at a time.

I'm pretty sure it's the preview popups causing the issue, but not 100% sure. Maybe we need a way to temporarily deactivate that feature so we can manipulate things, or a way for them to not lock everything up forever for each manipulation you do. This happens even when you just mouse over one, it locks up for about 10 to 20 seconds while it gets the preview popup and then all is ok again until you mouse over another.

Just reiterating this once again because I'm trying really really hard to check out some of the downloaded components that I've already gotten, and it's almost impossible to even try to get to them let alone use them. Takes many times over a minute before it will stop locking up the components pane. Pretty much useless at the moment and I really want to use some of these if possible. :(

P.S. Part of this is anything I change seems to take almost 30 seconds to fully complete such as: moving items to another folder, installing any new component from the online window, opening and closing folders locks it up too, you don't even have to do anything other than that and it's locking up the components panel.

As long as I stay away from the downloaded stuff and the UI stuff it seems to be fine, but once I hit either of those it's hell getting anything to move for at least 30 seconds at a time. UI area doesn't seem to lock up quite as long, but it does lock it up too :/

I stand corrected by my own self, it doesn't lock up just the components pane, it locks up the entire app. My mouse is movable so I can do other things outside the app while ai wait for it to unfreeze, but cannot do anything in the app at all until then.

Sorry so many posts, I keep seeing things after I post but usually not soon enough to edit it lol.

I needed to update this because apparently there are not issues with the UI section at all, just the Downloaded one. I guess it was causing issues with the UI, or I thought it was, only because the Downloaded section was still open and if I moused or clicked anywhere near the Downloaded area it would lock up and if I had been going to the UI area I thought it was that one doing it. Messy I guess, but anyways, just updating that there aren't issues with the UI area, just lockups from the Downloaded area. So here's a recap of what causes issues:

  • Opening and closing Downloaded folder (don't have to do anything else just open it and locks up, close it and locks up.
  • Adding anything to the components downloaded via installing them (this lockup lasts much longer (sometimes over 1 minute) than the rest which are around 15 to 20 seconds).
  • Deleting anything from the Downloaded section, even an empty folder.
  • Moving anything in the Downloaded section, both components and folders cause this issue. Doesn't matter where you move it to or from.
  • Mousing over the Downloaded area for X number of seconds will eventually lock it up. So far it's around 5+ seconds if I'm mousing over anything in there long enough it locks up.

These things seem to "only happen" when a component is visible. If all the folders are closed within the downloaded area, and the downloaded folder itself is still open, then all is fine. If I open one single folder in the downloaded area, it will then lock up, even if only 1 component is in that folder. Also of note: The issue "Does" happen if I open and close the Downloaded folder, even if all folders inside are closed. Mousing over the closed folders though does not lock up like it does if you mouse over components.

Note: Could it have something to do with the number of components installed? No clue, just wondering as I have quite a few installed at the moment.

That pretty much sums it up. Most lockups are around 15+ seconds each time you do any of the above. Lockup spans the entire app, nothing will function till it unlocks again.

Hope that helps narrow it down, and once again this is on the MAC version for me.