Drag and replace images

While using bootstrap studio I tried to drag an image from the design panel over a picture on my website as I usually do in Adobe Experience Design CC (Beta). I soon realized that this doesn't work as expected. I think users should not only be able to drag an image from the design panel over another and replace the picture without replacing the attributes, but I think you should also be able to drag from outside the application and do the same thing while also importing the image into the project altogether.

I have never used a program that allowed an image to replace another one with Drag & Drop, so that one or few programs that do that are not the norm. I'm not sure why you would have "expected" it to work that way unless AED is the only web design program you've ever used.

I personally am fine with things as they are right now for image importing and adding to pages. I would rather see the devs spend time on things that actually enhance the functionality of the app itself before things like this. Things like more functionality for SVG image usage, easier use for deleting files, personalized setups for pages for CSS and JS so that every page isn't referencing them all, ability to create folders for other files like PDFs and videos and music files, things of this nature and many others that are still "needed" to me outweigh the necessity of these as the items you mention function correctly and are not that big of a time waster as they are now as some of the other things can be.

Just my 10 cents lol.

P.S. Not that I wouldn't want these suggestions, I surely would, just not needed "at this time" for me is all.