Drag folders instead of just files for import

Just thought I’d put this up and see if there will ever be the ability to drag a folder of CSS / JS / IMG to import rather than having to create the directory manually in BSS.

I think this would be something that would be very very helpful and intuitive as well. I know it hasn’t been asked for a whole lot, but it’s been threaded into various threads (sometimes off topic lol) over the years and it would be a whole lot simpler if at all possible.

Just food for thought once again.

P.S. If this is something possible, it would be great if it could go at least 3 levels deep as I’m sure that others do the same as I do with structuring items into specific folders for ease of reference and ability to find them when needed.


I’d like to see that also so it’s a +1 from me

+1 from me as well. Would be great for bulk image imports.