Drop down in drop down not working

I'm working on a school project and on the navbar i'm using a drop down menu which has 2 more drop down menus. Somehow when the webpage is published the secondary drop down menus (the 2 inside the main drop down in navbar) wont work as the whole dropdown menu just closes when i try to click on them.

but then when the webpage is published with the main dropdown open, then they work, otherwise if the main drop down is closed, the secondary drop downs wont work at all

You would probably get a lot better response on this if you share the link to the uploaded page with the dropdowns that are not working, or share your project file here. :)

oh yeah totally forgot


anyways its the main navbar in the home and regis.html

That's the files after export, better if we can view them already uploaded (as a website) or as a project file for BSS.

i see..my bad https://www.dropbox.com/s/fxbi9u4f69ezyu1/Beaudei.bsdesign?dl=0

You will need to add some javascript to handle that.

aight i just imported the javascript and it is working perfectly thank you very much !