Drop down menu linked

How can I link two drop down menus.

One Drop down for example has all the Categories listed, when I select a Category ( Example Category 1) I want to be able on another drop down menu to select Product 1 and so on since each category has its own product.

What I mean is I want to populate the product drop down menu dynamically according to which Category I choose.

Since BBS does not support PHP or MySQL is there another work around?

Thanks for any suggestions you may have.



You're making your menu a very very complicated mess by doing something like that. There are many examples of multiple dropdowns that you can use that are much more practical that have flyout menu's instead of populating them dynamically. By doing what you're thinking to do you will end up with too many links to the same pages and your menu's organization will suffer for it. You need 1 link (maybe 2 at most) per page/location on your menu, there's no real need to dynamically populate one that I can think of unless you're doing some fancy thing within the page content itself.

Moral of the story, you don't link a menu to a menu, you need to link the menu items to the content. What you are trying to do will frustrate your users more than help them because it will take many more clicks and page loads for that to work. Will use up more data etc.

Look up some dropdown menus like Smartmenu, Yamm, etc. Those will be more beneficial to you.