Dropdown menu issue

I have a dropdown menu on every page of my website that shows the user's name as it's text and has options for them to log out or change their profile. It all works fine but the dropdown is often expanded to show its items as if it had been clicked when I go to a page. How can I prevent that? Pete

In the BSS app if the dropdown is expanded, then you need to close it or your export will keep that state.

If you are using the NAVBAR component.

  1. In the app select the dropdown then expand the HTML pane and select the parent "LI" with the class "dropdown".
  2. Then in the OPTION pane uncheck expanded, or above the Layout View pane on the toolbar select Close.

In your site you can find the dropdown and remove the class "open".

If your site is using a script that sets the "open" state then you will need to find the coding that sets the "open" class and tell it to stop it :)

If "open" is not the correct class for whatever your using then it's likely a class of "in" that's probably injunction with the class "collapse".


Thanks saj, should have noticed that.