Dropdown on over

Hi everybody, I am playing around with the dropdown function, but can't find how to do 2 things. 1.First to open the dropdown on over, not click. 2.Each parent ‘Dropdown’, seems to give access only to its children. I would like the parent dropdown to link to a different page too. Is all that possible? Thanks in advance!

Bootstrap 4 Documentation does not provide a dropdown hover option. You will have to create that option with html, jquery, and css. I believe a option for the hover and then clicking the dropdown to go link would be simply adding a href. For leaving the click to open dropdown you would have to research how to ignore the first click and then activate it once the dropdown is open.

Since we're using bootstrap 4 I hope all designs are mobile first. So that option makes no sense.


Check this fiddle example out as it succeeds I believe it what you are attempting... http://jsfiddle.net/blackhawx/ez3Xu/9/

I have also seen a somewhat of a different approach used that positions a dropdown after a text link. The dropdown has a "+" sign which the user can hover or click to open the dropdown which appears under the text link. Text link always stays active.

I am not sure I understand the need for the main text link to be active other than SEO or "driving" the user directly to a landing page that has all the sub categories listed and then providing links to those again. It seems to hijack the user intent but if it drives sales up...?

Thanks everybody your feedback is helpful! The website menu on the www.oxagile.com/ website is basically the idea i am trying to replicate. The navigation bar allows me to go straight to any part of the website: to any section and subsection of the entire website. Maybe there 's another way to think of it, the idea it to mayke everything accessible from any page.

Thanks, I think it is a great option. I am trying to do something to Oxagile.com and your idea would bring me close to it. After thinking of it, the Hovering thing is not the most important thing, the most important is to access to any sections and subsections.

Yes that menu is possible with Bootstrap 4. Hovering on desktop would be the easiest as it would allow the click on any link. For mobile they have used something similiar in my previous suggestion (since no hover on mobile) of using a link with another link in the form of a dropdown caret.

Instead of dropdowns (which uses the plugin Popper.js) you could also use collapse with data-toggle.

Thanks Twinstream, it worked!