Dropdown won't scroll on mobile

Hello, I have checked in 2 smart phones and the issue in regards to the dropdown menu is the same; It doesn’t scroll! I have 7 items in it and only the frist two are visible. Can some one please help. I have attached a screenshoot. Thank you.

I seem to remember having the same issue. I added overflowY: visible to one of the nav classes but can’t remember what one. Possibly the navbar-collapse.

Also this can typically happen when the site doesn’t have enough padding on the sides to access it to scroll down. You might want to try adding some padding or narrowing the width of the menu so that there’s enough space for someone to click outside the menu for scrolling.

can you please explain how to add the overflowY. I can’t seem to find it or how to go about it!

Hello, I have twiked to no avail. care to explain please.

Still trying to work out what I done but can’t remember. I’ll keep trying and let you know if I get it sorted. It’s hard to tell what you’ve done from the image.

Found it

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You are a great person! Thank you very much!!!

Glad it worked. :+1: