Dropdownmenu page not found

Hi all, i’m new to Bootstrap and i have a problem that i can’t fix.
I’m building a website with multiple pages, i’m using a linked Navbar for navigation with a dropdown in it linking to a place on another page. This is a page with photo’s and video’s on it. When i check the preview everything is ok, but when i upload the website and click on it i get the error 404 page not found.
I think it’s a linking problem but i tried everything i can think of and haven’t found it.
href i tried:
a class=“dropdown-item” href=“galerij.html/#foto”>Foto’s
a class=“dropdown-item” href=“galerij.html/#video”>Video’s

a class=“dropdown-item” href=“/galerij.html/#foto”>Foto’s
a class=“dropdown-item” href=“/galerij.html/#video”>Video’s

a class=“dropdown-item” href=“galerij.html/foto”>Foto’s
a class=“dropdown-item” href=“galerij.html/video”>Video’s

a class=“dropdown-item” href=“/galerij.html/foto”>Foto’s
a class=“dropdown-item” href=“/galerij.html/video”>Video’s

ID of the rows are foto and video

Can someone help me please or is it not possible to link to a row on a page?
Thanks in advance

Like this

<a class=“dropdown-item” href=“galerij.html#foto”>Foto’s</a>
<a class=“dropdown-item” href=“galerij.html#video”>Video’s</a>

Without the slash between the .html and anchor tag

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Thank you so much, that did it