Duplicate Folders?

Is it possible to duplicate whole folders?

Not at this time it isn't no. The best you can do is create the folder then import all the contents (minus any folders within it that you'll have to do this with as well). Keeping in mind of course, that you will only be able to import the files that go with that particular section of the file list, so only JS can go in the Javascript folders and only images in the images folders and so on. If you have multiple items within the same folder, you'll need to alter the paths and create new folders for them.

Ignore this, jo has it covered ?

I don't see any "duplicate" anywhere on the folder's right click menu Chris. Are you seeing the ability to do this some other way?

No I was mistaken, you can only create new folders not duplicate them.

Ohhh dang! I was hoping you knew something I didn't there! lol.

Alright, thank you guys!