I've searched the forum, but nothing found about duplicated items ID. It would be fine, when I duplicate an item, the IDs inside would get incrementing numbers to the end. This would be very useful when I duplicate an item fifty times. Now I need to click every item inside it and change the ID.


I always forget about this issue as I don't usually duplicate a ton of things that I cannot manage, but I have had a couple projects where I duplicated some things with about 20 of them where I had to do this same thing. When typing or editing an ID it won't let you create it at all if there's a duplicate ID (would be nice if we had some popup messages on stuff like that to clue us in to what the issue is as well when the program won't do something, but I think this is one of the few things that does that).

If it is able to stop us from making a duplicate ID, it should be able to either increment as mentioned by the OP. We wouldn't want it to stop us of course or we wouldn't be able to create duplicates of a lot of things lol.