E-commerce built in Bootstrap Studio

Very nicely done, great job Petr, love the versatility of the site!

Thank you, jo-r. The aim was bvbcz.cz, not our “business card” but I’m glad you like our idea to place all information on one page. “Business card website” was the fast project. One day incl. design and done :slight_smile:

We made templates in Netbeans before (no visual editor). I tried Dreamweaver and other programs but only now with BootstrapStudio I’m satisfied.

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Thank you printninja. You are right. Fortunately, this small bug that have no influence on regular functionality. We’ll fix it. :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing this beautiful application with us.

Can you explain briefly how you did the back-end; Have you benefited from applications such as Woocommerce, Mailchimp? Which ones?

Thank you, ta1db.

The back-end was not built on any known open source system.

It’s our proprietary e-commerce system based on Nette framework (PHP). Source files are cached by Opcache (one page has about 200 php files), pages are cached in Redis and data stored in MySQL. Critical parts are in Golang as a microservices. Background operations are built on Python (e-mailing, xml, watchdog…). E-mailing is built-in. We use RabbitMQ for creating the email queue and send emails from more nodes (VPS) that read from RabbitMQ queue).

It was made in Bootstrap Studio, completly. I wanted to show what types of project can be created by Bootstrap Studio because I do not know anyone who is creating websites without back-end business logic. At least in our country.

If admin is thinking my post is off topic, it’s up to him if he want to remove this post.

Hi @petr.zachrdla,

Please don’t get upset and be determined. Please look at my this post: PHP files to add - #19 by ta1db

Thank you very much for your kind reply and for the useful information you’ve provided. You did a very good job, well-meaning everyone in this forum will appreciate your post, I am sure. I do not want to get involved in such discussions, but if this post is to be removed from the forum, I will react heavily at first. That’s enough sabotage!

Thank you @ta1db. I’m ok. I even think this type of project must stay here because otherwise the simple projects without business logic will only be here and after that there is no reason to buy this software because without business logic you are able to manage only small sites. But in this case, who are the users of this sotfware? People who are not able to make any business logic (back-end) and why should they do it if here is wix, webnode and others? No. No. I think this software is prefect for developers who want to create templates and put them into business logic.

My software workflow is Axure => Affinity Designer => Bootstrap Studio => IntelliJ. And I’m glad to work with Bootstrap Studio because of simplify the process of coversion of design to templates.

Additionally I use https://bootstrap.build/ for preparing the theme that I import to Bootstrap Studio. I did it manually in sass but visual editor is more fast for me.

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@petr.zachrdla I absolutely agree. Your product images and graphics are also great.

@printninja I live in the country with the highest ratio e-commerce to one habitant in the world (40000 e-shops/10 000 000 habitants). So sorry but we really use business logic almost in every website. In my country, who doesn’t understand programming of website and it’s not willing to invest any money to developer then use free or paid services like wix or webnode (the last one was developed in my country :slight_smile: )

I wrote that we use our own proprietary system but this one is built on open source framework Nette. So everyone can make the same website.

So I think my example is suitable for Showcase. My project shows the option. I don’t say you have to use a business logic. I say it’s suitable for this type of project as well.

@ta1db thank you for your support.

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@printninja I think you want just argue. Once again, there is a question who is the user of this software? Look at the main page (BSS) and you have to say this software does not aim to regular user of the internet. It’s for specialists who coding websites.

It does not matter if anybody uses this software with or without business logic.

By the way, in another post you celebrate the design made in BSS and ask why e-commerce doesn’t work. Do you know the one argument why should anybody do it without back-end business logic? There is many good reasons why projects are splitted to layers. From security to maintenance.

And my claim? It’s true. The website was completely made in Boostrap studio. And if I said the main user is a coder, the most of people know I thought all templates was made with BBS because business logic in front-end is nonsense.

I think your claims are the same like somebody say why I can’t create a website in BBS without Javascript.

So, my post stay here. Just admins can remove it.

@printninja I think we’ve said it all.

@petr.zachrdla yes, you’ve said it all, let me add my thoughts.

BBS is an excellent tool, but unfortunately there are 2 viruses in its community that sabotage the development of truly productive, useful knowledge;
Whenever someone asks a critical and useful question about a real app, or when someone introduces a useful app like you did, these 2 viruses instantly intervene, demoralize that person, try to block that person, or even talk about deletion that useful post. This situation can be easily seen by looking at their posts on the forum. Unfortunately, management does not interfere with this situation (they are probably too busy or friends, I don’t know).

I bought this program just because I liked it, I have never used it until now, but I have extended my license once again because I liked it very much, however I am very much annoyed about this situation in the forum. If your post is deleted by the administration, I will never extend my license period again, I will not visit this forum again.

On the other hand, I am very pleased to meet a knowledgeable and talented person like you. I hope to see you again. Greetings.


@ta1db thank you. I’m leo in zodiac sign. No one can break me down. It can just me. :slight_smile:

If admins wanna remove my post, it’s their choice, not mine. I just wanted to share my enthusiasm for BSS as a part of advanced workflow. I gonna use the BSS regardless if they wanna remove my post or not. Of course, I will not publish other case studies. It would be waste of time.

Very well done @petr.zachrdla , I’m sure the admins won’t remove this post. It must be nice for them to see what advanced users are able to make with Bootstrap Studio :clap:


@kuligaposten thank you for support.


WoW! Nice! I’m new to BSS…Hi.
I thought I read somewhere, that once the site was publish, you couldn’t update??? Or did I imagine that

You imagined part of it lol. It’s that it’s typically not easy to do if you do it outside the app (unless of course you’re a code guru lol. It’s definitely editable either way though. I think maybe you have it confused with Online Components that people have been talking about not being able to edit after they upload them to share them in the app?

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Hi, As @jo-r stated, you must confuse different types of publication : the components and the website… Of course, a website can (and will) be updatable. A website is just some files on a server in a directory that is accessible by a public through the Web protocol. So, as soon as you can log in (through FTP, SFTP, FTPES, FTPS, SSH, Telnet, or a control panel provided by your host) to the web account on the server containing the concerned files, you can do what you want on these files. I don’t know about the SFTP feature provided by BSS, but you can always export to your local disk, then upload to your Web account, overwriting the existing remote files on the server. And this as many time you want…

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