Easy way to connect forms fields mysql or any other database(s)

Hi, I really like Bootstrapstudio and i wish there was something like …

  1. You create a form
  2. You put all the input fields in
  3. Then per input field you can select where in the (mysql) database x and y input field value should be stored and if it’s a get, post etc. attribute/function

Something that would require no coding. Just simple select and connect.

The reason for asking, it would speed up my work, just like generating webpages on the fly, without any fluff.

Cheers and keep up the good work!

3 months old, but no answer, so… Well, what you’re asking here sounds out of the scope of BSS since it’s mostly a question about back-end. Basically, you could write a CGI relying on a CGI lib which will allow you to safely list any data coming from GET, POST and COOKIE. Then, you’re free to store them in database you want. Maybe some tools exist for this task (just type “cgi store form (fields OR data) in the database” without quotes), but I don’t know. If I had this concern, I would write it myself, like any back-end dev would do…