eCommerce support


I want to sell products online through my website and wondered if there's likely to be any eCommerce support for BSS at any point soon ?

If not, is there any way this can be integrated into BSS by importing external Bootstrap themes that do support webshop functionality e.g. ?

I don't want to handle credit card details but being able to manage a cart and shipping details which are then passed onto a credit card provider would be great. I've seen mention of Paypal but I'd rather go with another provider as Paypal aren't cheap and I don't think it gives the right impression.

Thanks Dave

BSS is a front end developer tool used to make sites using bootstrap - you could easily create a shop your self using this tool if you then point customers to sites like PayPal, but if you want to use php to control a cart and have a full ecmerce solution like magento for example then I don’t see this happening soon as this app only supports bootstrap framework.

Hats to say ther is nothing stopping you exporting and tweaking code post export.

Hi guys!

daveb1, what did you end up doing for your ecommerce website?

I am in the same situation and wondering the same questions... I am confused, as in the BSS theme I am working in, there are product pages, cart, etc, but I don't know how to use them : ( I am not a total newbie, does anybody have some good recommendations on how I can link an ecommerce plugin to my BSS website, without starting over the whole thing in another platform?

Thanks for your help

Hello Rick,

I gave up with BSS and went over to Wordpress.

Regards Dave

One possible solution. I have never used it.

Thanks guys,

since I am used working in python, I will try to make my website with Saleor, finally.. I have a lot to customize so hopefully it will not be too complicated to design parts of my website with bootstrap studio.