Edit Components (and Custom components) problem

I can’t add id, classes or edit on any component in my page. Is there any other way to do it or is it for real a bug-problem?

wich version do you use? 2.1 or older?

with the latest version (2.1):
on the bottom of the “html-view” you have the “attributes” view
click on it and you will see the ID and the CLASS NAMES
simply type the new names in.
With the + on the right you can add custom parts

in verison <2.1 you must right-click on the TAG in the html-view an there are the “attributes”

Thank you very much… I have the 2.1.1 version but I had not saw this new one attributes tab.

Thanks for helping out, Frank!

@basias85, this is one of the new features of version 2.1 - you don’t have to right click any more. You can see the other new things here.